January 7, 2022
Equa Global Defines NFTs and Intellectual Property Rights

Only Using Non-Copyright Infringement NFTs: We have all heard of intellectual property rights infringements on knockoffs or logos. The same can be true for NFTs. An NFT you are seeing may have been created off a third party’s work and then sold by a separate creator. With NFTs, it is usually uncertain of the originality […]

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December 15, 2021
Why Organize Corporate Governance?

Corporate governance is a process by which a corporation is directed, managed and run. Organized properly, it serves as the foundation for business decisions, supporting enterprise growth, and stakeholder value. Organizational documents are key to the legitimacy of a business and its growth. These are primarily corporate formation and operational documents which provide a clear […]

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October 28, 2020
What Are Corporate Bylaws and LLC Operating Documents?

Corporate bylaws are a vital element of a newly formed company, providing key rules and regulations for operational effectiveness. They aredrawn up and codified by the board of directors when a corporation is being formed. This document helps to ensure that a business runs consistently from its inception. Bylaws thus become the critical document to […]

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August 23, 2020
Interview with EQUA's CEO Shawn Owen

This interview was recorded during this year’s Anarchapulco conference on The Crypto Show (thecryptoshow.com) In the Interview, Shawn discusses the following topics. · Consensual Agreements · Smart Contracts · Operating Agreements · Business Management UX · Cap Tables Also featured in an earlier segment of this interview was a conversation with Ashe Oro. Ashe has […]

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